TURN TO DANCE – Take the stress out of your party

Dance parties: Boys and girls, age 4+

Providing music, dancing and games entertainment, customised for your party.

1 hour of dancing and games can include:

–  Disco/party dances
–  Latin/Ballroom dances
–  Party games
–  Listening games

The teacher will arrive 30mins before your party starts to set up the music and meet the birthday boy/girl.

As many of your child’s favourite games and songs included as possible.

With the aim to make it a special celebration for the birthday child, as well as keeping their friends entertained.

Example of party timetable –

–  10/15mins of music, whilst waiting for all the guests to arrive
–  1hr of dancing/games entertainment provided by TURN TO DANCE (with drinks break) – OUR BIT
–  30mins of food (provided by yourselves)
–  15mins of free dancing or extra party games (I can run a pass the parcel if you wish to provide one).

Each child is presented with a certificate at the end of the party.

The responsibility of the children remains with their parent’s/birthday child’s parents (including toilet runs).

COST – £150 (cheques made payable to Leanne Herdman)

If you are interested in booking a party, please contact me to check dates and with any other questions. Once a date is in the diary, let me know any favourite songs, games and rough numbers, so I can get planning.

“Leanne kept my daughters large group of friends (24) totally mesmerised during her fifth birthday party. The dancing, party games and the manner in which Leanne interacted with the children was fantastic. The parents loved the dance demonstration that the children’s preformed at the end. I had such positive feedback from both parents and children that I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to all my friends.”

“Leanne provides a great service, in the run up to the party she was available for questions, she ensured that the music and activities were perfectly tailored for Eadie.  We had quite a large party and there were lots of kids going in different directions, Leanne brought all of the kids together and got them involved.  She has a great calming influence and ‘that’ way with children that they feel comfortable around her and listen! Eadie had a a great party and so did all of her friends.  I would wholeheartedly recommend Leanne’s services as both a great party host and dance teacher.”