Energy experts
Party dances, with some basic Latin American and ballroom dancing

Marvellous movers
Latin American and Ballroom footwork, style, rhythm and basic routines

Footwork fanatics
Breaking down the Latin and Ballroom dances, learning more complicated routines, gaining awareness of alignment & leading.

Newbury Timetable

4pm Energy experts
4.30pm Marvellous movers
5.15pm Footwork fanatics

9.30am Energy experts
10am Marvellous movers
10.45am footwork fanatics

Classes run during term time only – please request a full terms timetable (including venues)

Spaces are limited. Please contact for more information or to book a trial.

“Leanne is the Bestest, most fun Dance Teacher.”
Zara, age 7

I LOVE ‘Turn to Dance’ because it is so much fun and you get a sticker each lesson! We learn the cha cha cha, waltz, jive, samba and lots more. I love dancing – Leanne has inspired me!
Georgie, age 8

I like ‘Turn to Dance’ because I stretch my legs, I learn lots of different dances and I can sing while I’m dancing.
Harriette, age 5

I love Leanne’s lessons because they inspire me to become a dancer when I grow up.
Lyra, age 8

Leanne’s lessons are fun because we dance and listen to some great songs
Lottie, age 5

It’s great fun because it’s a way to make new friends and it’s challenging because your feet can get tangled up when you’re dancing!
Meg, age 8